Case Study: Deploying FAST in the GCC

FAST Technology Solutions Stabiliser Reamer

Learn about the first introduction of Friction Adjustable Stabiliser Technology (FAST) in the GCC region.


The following challenges were observed.

  • Drilling Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) dysfunction, impacting drilling performance
  • Vibration and stick-slip, limiting the Rate of Penetration (ROP) and often leading to BHA failure cases.
  • Unsatisfactory borehole quality.

Outlined success criteria

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What we did

After identifying the challenges being faced on offshore drilling operations, a planned trial of FAST was scheduled.

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The trial process was broken down as follows:


  • Review the BHA to agree on the final BHA design & positioning of FAST
  • Define the mobilisation schedule (tool & personnel)


  • Drilling Operation Team to ensure the drilling parameters and drilling practice is implemented as per Drilling Instruction
  • Field Engineer to ensure safe installation on site, provide technical feedback to Drilling Supervisor
  • Monitoring support in town by Drilling Real-Time Team


  • Data gathering for technical analysis by Drilling Technology Team & Drilling Engineering Team

○ Review BHA performance (drilling) & vibration

○ Review trip-out performance

○ Review performance for RIH casing or lower completion

  • Capture the lessons learned


FAST tool diminishes the risk of BHA damage so that you can reduce rig costs and deliver your project on time. By maximising penetration rate and curtailing reaming time, FAST ensures that you minimise your flat time.

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FAST is designed with the following features to address critical industry challenges, such as those experienced in this project.

  • Friction control is obtained from unique inserts surface geometry which allows fluid bypass and lubrication that reduce friction heat build-up.
  • Fixed reamer stabiliser with insert placement and taper angle transition designed for the optimum bi-directional reaming operation. In addition to this, no moving parts = no limits on downhole revolutions.
  • Superior wear resistance thanks to unique and high-quality features due to the diamond-impregnated inserts.


Health & Safety Environment

  • No HSE incidents were recorded with FAST on 3 runs in 12 ¼” hole and 4 runs in 6″ hole.


  • No NPT was associated with FAST string stabilisers during the 7 trial applications.
  • Minimised vibration/stick-slip
  • FAST delivered good quality borehole.


  • 2.4 days saved overall.

○ 48 hours saved – corresponding to the average NPT for tripping out the BHA following a BHA component failure.

○ 9.6 hours saved – corresponding to the trip-out performance in 6″ hole section is improved by achieving higher than P10 speed (292 ft/hr).

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FAST continues to deliver benefits to the client with two additional trial runs since this review.

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